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“If Inclusion, Healing, and Belonging is deliberately and intentionally practiced by everyone within one’s business, organization, and institution, then one will have Diversity, Equity, and all the other letters following the acronym DEI.” – Perry Rhue

Rising Awareness is an international multiethnic collective and movement dedicated to educating and equipping professional coaches, trusted advisors, and diversity & inclusion champions with the skillset to navigate the “messy and uncomfortable topics/conversations about racism and related social constructs of the past, present, and future.”  


Our vision and movement is to actively mend (repair), knit (interlock) like a fractured or broken bone, and heal The Human Race from racism and related social constructs through professional coaching, one person and conversation at a time

Our Core Value – Agápé (ah-GAH-peh), the ancient Greek word for “unconditional love.”

We will accomplish our work by creating coaching "change and healing agents" who are like-minded/like-spirited critical thinkers already doing the work of Inclusion, Healing, and Belonging while adhering to Rising Awareness' philosophy, methodology, and activism.

Rising Awareness' Four-A's


The continual raising of consciousness and acknowledgment that systemic racism has been and continues to be a part of our story worldwide.


The public act and process of supporting the cause of social change and equity so that apathy does not set in again and again.


The public supportive association with another person or group, specifically with members of a marginalized or mistreated group.


The act of vigorous campaigning to bring about social change through our coaching relationships one person and  conversation at a time.

April 2022

Event Closed


Rising Awareness Journey NEW 2022 Online Summit

Our Focus & Theme:

"The Preparation and Road to Inclusion, Healing, and Belonging Within Relationships: From Me to We"

"Inclusion, Healing and Belonging eats DEI+ for breakfast." – Rising Awareness


We're inviting you to help us prove our Rising Awareness hypothesis that no matter how strong one's personal, business, or institutional "diversity & inclusion" plan and program may be, its efficacy will be held back if they don't share the proper culture and behaviors of inclusion, healing, and belonging.  When it comes down to it, the ones who are actively implementing inclusion, healing, and belonging are the ones who are making all the difference.

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Every participant attending all sessions and associated work of the Summit will receive a Rising Awareness Certificate of Completion which is the first step toward Rising Awareness Credentials (Connection Circles).

Rising Awareness Connection Circles

Registration Begins June 2022

The Rising Awareness Connection Circles is a way for Summit participants to take a deeper dive into the Summit topics with fellow Rising Awareness community colleagues.


Unlike other “circles” that you may have experienced, our Connection Circles are part mastermind, peer advisory, group coaching, incubator, and accelerator towards action.  The Circle will help perpetuate your journey towards a form of activism with your clients and sphere of influence with the help of your fellow circle members’ shared experiences, best practices, support, and accountability.


Connection Circles can be described as

  1. Curated Group Membership only.

  2. All participants/members are former attendees of the Rising Awareness Summits.

  3. Each Circle is made up of no more than 6 members (professional coaches/consultants/trusted advisors/HR & DEI professionals) + facilitator(s)

  4. The Circle will meet once a month for about 3hrs (with breaks)

  5. There is a 12-month commitment to the Circle


The Connection Circle process draws directly from the traditions of the Talking Circle, common among indigenous people of North America.  It is an ancient, indigenous tradition that creates space "to solve problems, support one another, and connect with one another."  These traditional Circles and processes still exist today among indigenous people globally.


The Rising Awareness Connection Circle is a model for the space in your practice to include with your clients deep active and empathetic listening, sharing experiences and stories, building and nurturing trust, love (agápé), and peacebuilding via transformative conversations that makes a positive difference and impact through activism.

Every member will receive Rising Awareness Credentials after successful participation and Connection Circle associated work.


Perry Rhue
Founder & 
Chief Evangelist Officer


Ken Sawyer
Strategic Partner &
Chief Marketing Officer