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The Rising Awareness Journey

“If Inclusion, Healing, and Belonging is deliberately and intentionally practiced by everyone within one’s business, organization, and institution, then one will have Diversity, Equity, and all the other letters following the acronym DEI.” – Perry Rhue

The Rising Awareness Journey is an international multiethnic collective movement dedicated to educating, teaching, and equipping Corporate, Business, and Human Resources Leaders, Diversity & Inclusion Champions, and Professional Trusted Advisors (Coaches, Facilitators, Consultants), with the skillset, tools, and resources to effectively navigate the “messy and uncomfortable conversations about racism and related social constructs.”  


Our vision is to actively mend (repair), knit (interlock) like a fractured or broken bone, and heal The Human Race from racism and related social constructs through professional coaching, one person and conversation at a time

Our Core Value – Agápé (ah-GAH-peh), the ancient Greek word for “unconditional love.”

We will accomplish our work by creating coaching "change and healing agents" who are like-minded/like-spirited critical thinkers already doing the work of Inclusion, Healing, and Belonging while adhering to Rising Awareness' philosophy, methodology, and activism.

The Rising Awareness Journey Four A's


The continual raising of consciousness and acknowledgment that systemic racism has been and continues to be a part of our story worldwide.


The continued public supportive association with another person or group, specifically with members of a marginalized or mistreated  group.


The continued use of one’s privilege to challenge existing conditions at the risk of their own comfort and well-being.


The act of vigorous campaigning to bring about social change through our coaching relationships one person and  conversation at a time.

“When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation and mandate to speak up. You have to say something. You have to do something”

                                                      The Late Honorable U.S. Congressman John Lewis

The Rising Awareness Journey Podcast


Can We Talk???...

About Inclusion, Healing, and Belonging?

Hosts & Lead-Learners
Perry Rhue & Ken Sawyer


  • Create and grow an international multiethnic community of professionals who are like-minded, like-spirited, critical thinkers who are doing the work of healing The Human Race from racism and related social constructs.

  • Educate, teach, and equip Professional Trusted Advisors, Business Leaders, Human Resources Professionals, and Diversity & Inclusion Champions with the skillset, tools, and resources to effectively navigate the “messy and uncomfortable conversations about racism and related social constructs.”

  • Introduce our listeners to guest speakers lived experiences, examples, and tools that will help them successfully lead, coach, teach, and/or facilitate conversations, workshops, relationships, etc., about racism, inclusion, healing, and belonging.

  • All listeners will walk away from every podcast episode with the opportunity to create and execute their action plan and method of accountability based on each episode topic.


Perry Rhue
Founder & 
Chief Evangelist Officer


Ken Sawyer
Strategic Partner &
Chief Marketing Officer


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