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The Rising Awareness Journey

“If Inclusion, Healing, and Belonging is deliberately and intentionally practiced by everyone within one’s business, organization, and institution, then one will have genuine diversity, equity, inclusion and all the other letters following the acronym DEI.” – Perry Rhue

The Rising Awareness Journey is an international multiethnic collective movement dedicated to educating and equipping Corporate, Business, and Institutional Leaders with the skillset, tools, and resources to effectively navigate the “messy and uncomfortable conversations about racism and related social constructs.”  


OUR VISION - Actively mending (repairing), knitting (interlocking) and healing, like a fractured or broken bone, The Human Race from racism and related social constructs one person and conversation at a time

OUR MISSION - Empowering our clients with non-status quo cutting-edge thought leadership, indispensable tools, and unparalleled expertise to facilitate transformative conversations and drive positive change.

OUR CORE VALUE – Agápé (ah-GAH-peh), the ancient Greek word for “unconditional love.” A love for fellow humans that's more a behavior than an emotion.

We will achieve our goals by building an international community of like-minded critical thinking allies and accomplices who share our vision, values, and already doing the work of inclusion, healing, and belonging.

The Rising Awareness Journey Five A's


The continual raising of consciousness and acknowledgment that racism has been and continues to be a part of our story worldwide.


The continued public supportive association with another person or group, specifically with members of a marginalized or mistreated  group.


The continued use of one’s privilege to challenge existing conditions at the risk of their own comfort and well-being.


The vigorous act of campaigning to bring about social change by co-creating relationships to connect first as humans and then heal, conversate, etc.


The “moral obligation and mandate” to speak up, say something, or do something when you see something that’s not right, fair, or just.

“When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation and mandate to speak up. You have to say something. You have to do something”​

                                                                      The Late Honorable U.S. Congressman John Lewis

Experience the Bespoke Journey

The Rising Awareness Journey is committed to educating, training, and empowering Corporate, Business, and Institutional Leaders to navigate the difficult and uncomfortable conversations about racism and related social constructs/issues. To empower our clients with non-status quo cutting-edge thought leadership, indispensable tools, and unparalleled expertise to facilitate, drive, and sustain transformative conversations and positive change.

Notebook and Pen

Bespoke Invitation

Our bespoke service is designed to meet the unique needs of each client. We begin with a blank sheet of paper and a fresh approach, taking into account your specific objectives and challenges. Through close collaboration, we gain a deep understanding of your situation and develop a personalized strategy to overcome any obstacles. Leveraging our wealth of experience, we provide you with the resources and tactics necessary to achieve success.

Business Conference


Our coach-sulting service offers expert professional thought leadership and partnership, mentor-coaching, guidance, and support to help you navigate the complexities of navigating the topic of racism and related social constructs/issues in the corporate and business world. We provide in-depth analysis, strategic recommendations, and implementation support to drive positive and sustained change within your organization, institution, and community.

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The Rising Awareness Journey Supervision

We offer personalized education, supportive supervision, and actionable feed-forward to Professional Trusted Advisors, Corporate, Business, and Institutional  Leaders, helping them enhance their human connection skills. Our primary aim is to foster personal growth by identifying strengths and weaknesses and raising awareness of the factors that impact performance when working with clients and interacting with others. Emphasis is given to creating awareness of factors that influence how you show up and exploring solutions to increase self–efficacy and enhance personal agency. 


Perry Rhue
Executive Coach-sultant & Professional Thought Partner


Ken Sawyer
Strategic Partner &
Chief Marketing Officer


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Get more insight into the "genesis" of The Rising Awareness Journey by ordering a back issue of choice Magazine From Inclusion to Belonging issue.

This issue showcases articles contributed by four of The Rising Awareness facilitation team members (Perry Rhue, Bonita Mackey, Dr. Yvette Alex-Assensoh, and Gavin Shaskolsky).

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Be an Original...and not the status quo.
Contact us to learn more about the range of bespoke services available to you and discuss how we can help you realize your individual and unique vision.

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