Meet The Team



  • Help successful business/life coaches, independent consultants, and professional trusted advisors become MORE SUCCESSFUL!


  • Creating a movement of professional coaching that leads to influencing social change. 


  • Agapé (the Greek word for unconditional love) - Behaviors of unconditional love wanting the ultimate best for all we interact with and serve.

Perry Rhue, PCC, CPCC

Founder & Success Coach


Over the past 20 years as a professional coach, I have seen a common challenge and trend, i.e., a vast majority of coaches are operating their business without a business, marketing, or sales plan. They are also incorrectly pricing and undervaluing their services, and sadly, their business does not remotely resemble the practice they envisioned.  ​


Ekklesia is designed for business and life coaches, independent consultants, and professional trusted advisor industry who want to strategically collaborate with fellow coaches in helping each other surpass their coaching business goals through peer advisory groups, business collaborations, and referrals, and business development training.


Birthed out of the reality that “coaching is a wonderful profession and a hard business," Ekklesia's mission is “to help successful Business & Life Coaches become MORE SUCCESSFUL!”

Ken Sawyer

Business Development & Marketing Guru


Over the years, I have found that many business owners need a plan for both marketing and branding to realize the success they are looking for. Without a workable plan and a mapped out customer journey, your efforts are scattered.


Are you struggling to get clients to the top of your sales funnel?


Do you feel like you are dumping money into advertising across all the channels that you can think of, and it seems to be (or has actually become) a bottomless pit?


You know with the right advice, guidance, and wisdom, you could improve and grow your business. Would it not be best if you engaged the right team to help you generate the success you are looking for and truly want?

My specialty is taking the "complex & scary" out of business development, marketing, and social media plans and make it easy and simple to create and execute, i.e., with the right behaviors and accountability to make it so.