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Meet Coach Perry

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Perry Rhue, PCC, CPCC

Executive Coach-sultant, Professional Thought Partner & Trusted Confidant

Perry Rhue is an Executive and Leadership Development Coach, and former internal Leadership Coach at IBM. Perry is also the founder of The Rising Awareness Journey, an international multiethnic collective and movement dedicated to educating and equipping Corporate/Business/Institutional Leaders and Professional Trusted Advisors with the skillset to effectively navigate through the “difficult and challenging” conversations about racism and related social constructs/issues of the past, present, and future.  


His 30 plus years of experience in various areas of business gives him a healthy and diverse background for coaching business professionals and teams. Perry is known for his work in executive coaching, team coaching, mentor-coaching & supervision, talent management, and professional development.


His expertise is helping individuals and teams understand their unique personality traits, gifts, talents, strengths, temperament, and “blind spots.” Next, he coaches them to a place of effective performance and service within an organization. Perry’s clients have continued to be recognized for their leadership accomplishments as a result of coaching.


Perry also coaches leaders who desire to enhance their performance, career, leadership effectiveness, and results. This self-discovery coaching technique affords Perry’s clients to live more purposeful and authentic lives.


Perry’s coaching experience includes coaching engagement design, training, and resource management. At IBM, his team is a two (2) time awardee of the International Coach Federation (ICF) PRISM award. The ICF PRISM award recognizes organizations that integrate coaching as part of their business strategy and is committed to enhancing and improving their leadership.


Perry’s career includes job roles in talent management, customer service, training, leadership and professional development, personal career management, and coaching (individuals and teams).


Perry is certified by The Coaches Training Institute as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Executive & Leadership Development Coaching Client Experiences

"Perry has been my coach for over 7 years. I can honestly say that I do not believe I would have achieved this level of success without Perry's guidance. He has been there fearlessly fighting with me to achieve my goals. He was there to share in the successes as well as to dust me off when success was not (yet) to be. He took the time to acquire a deep understanding of me... who I am and what I want to be 'when I grow up' (age now 56yrs young). With this understanding, he allowed me to discover the way to go in order to achieve the goals I set forth. He consistently held me accountable for commitments that I had made that would advance me toward my goals. The guidance, the techniques, and the discoveries that Perry shared with me definitely were applicable to much more than my business life. His balanced approach led me to a much richer personal life as well. Perry is a man of true integrity and conviction. He is willing to work as hard as you are to assist you in achieving your goals. I would recommend Perry to anyone who really wants to reach their highest level of success, reach their goals, and accomplish more than they ever thought they could. Perry is THE BEST."    

                                                                                                      Karen D., VP of Sales

“Perry fires my imagination! Every conversation leads to deeper thinking and specific action steps. Even when I am in a "quick" conversation with Perry, he challenges me to turn our conversation into action. Perry coached me during a challenging period in my career. There were storms raging at work and I was tempted to throw in the towel. He helped me focus inward. As a result, I began to broaden my outlook and stopped focusing on the storms at work. I made a plan and have been executing my plan. Working with Perry has been an important investment in my development. Our work together has been as impactful to me as my many degrees.”

              Jean-Luc C., Director, Healthcare System


“Perry is an amazing coach who facilitates self-understanding and gently encourages you to take the actions necessary to be your best self and achieve success. He is truly the best example of doing what you are meant to do and what you are passionate about. He is the most gifted leadership & life coach I've ever worked with. I will always be grateful for his insight, coaching and support.”

                                                      Celine G., CEO, Business Owner


“Perry Rhue is a tremendous coach. As someone relatively new to leadership, I had limited managerial experience, including conflict management. Perry introduced me to a series of powerful concepts and approaches that I was able to put into action right away. His coaching was highly individualized and specific to my particular situation while still introducing me to best practices drawn from his coaching practice as well as his successful private-sector career. Not only a coach, Perry also became an invaluable interlocutor. He is remarkably personable and simply a joy to speak with. If you are looking to make rapid progress through coaching, look no further than Perry.”     

       Gabe P., University Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

"I had the privilege of working with Perry over a span of about 8 months on a variety of topics, including professional relationship management, setting expectations and boundaries, self-awareness, and transition management. Perry created an environment of complete openness and trust and was a supportive champion throughout my journey. He was an excellent listener, asked extremely insightful questions to guide me in my exploration and growth, and also provided practical tools such as articles, TEDTalks, and other useful materials. Perry is inspiring, brilliant, and humble and he had a tremendously positive impact on me during our coaching engagement."

                                                                                          Kaia R., Senior Director of Human Resources

"I have worked with Perry in a coaching capacity for over 5 years, having the benefit of his support on three separate occasions, with both team and individual coaching. Perry has a skilled technique that “walks you through” becoming the best you can be. His talented exploration of your dreams and encouragement of self-awareness have proven to be invaluable to me. I still have tangible reminders from our first engagement (more than 4 years ago). They sit around my office and continue to inspire me to follow my heart, always."

                                                                                           Carla O., Marketing Executive

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