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Rising Awareness

Rising Awareness is an international multiethnic collective and movement dedicated to educating and equipping professional coaches, trusted advisors, and diversity & inclusion champions with the skillset to navigate the “messy and uncomfortable topics/conversations about racism and related social constructs of the past, present, and future.”

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Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

"Being an effective leader in this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world can be complicated.  You want to get it right and I want to help."

                                                                                        - Perry Rhue

Business Conference

Mentor-Coaching: ACC/PCC ACSTH & Portfolio Credentialing Paths

Mentor-Coaching service provided for coaches who are applying for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach Credential. For each path, the applicant is required to have 10 hours of mentor coaching over a minimum of three months, a minimum of 100 hours of client coaching experience, and must pass a performance assessment of their coaching and the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

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Professional Coaching Supervision

"Coaching Supervision is a collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and clients.  Coaching Supervision creates a safe environment for the coach to share their successes and failures in becoming masterful in the way they work with clients." 

                                                - International Coaching Federation

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