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Helping successful Business & Life Coaches become MORE SUCCESSFUL!

Operating a successful coaching practice as a business is complicated.  You want to get it right and we want to help.

We get it!

"Coaching is a wonderful profession and a hard business."

There's a difference between being an excellent coach and running a profitable business.  Are you desperately wanting to get out of the rut of...

...not making a stable income from the profession you absolutely love?

...working more in your business than on your business, i.e., you're the Chief Employee vs. CEO of your business?

...investing a great amount of your time and money in yet another training program or masterclass improving your coaching skills but not business acumen skills?

...running your practice like a hobby or "side hustle" and experiencing hobby/side hustle results rather than running your practice as a business? 

Begin the Ekklesia Journey from being Successful to MORE SUCCESSFUL

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​THIS IS NOT A TEST!  This is a safe & confidential evaluation of your coaching practice and needs to make your practice MORE SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE


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For Coaches By Coaches

Ekklesia is the Greek word for community, assembly, and movement. 

Our mission is to help successful business/life coaches, consultants and trusted advisors in the spirit of community become MORE SUCCESSFUL.

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"Knowledge, insight, and inspiration are useless if it is not applied.  Application with the right consistent behaviors and a method of accountability that breed success is key." 

                                                                                                                          - Coach Perry