Helping successful Business & Life Coaches become MORE SUCCESSFUL

Operating a successful coaching practice as a business is complicated.  You want to get it right and we want to help.

Ekklesia for Coaches by Coaches is a contemporary fusion of working coaching business strategies, useable referral methods, and proven collaboration techniques. We are solution-based, highly communicative, and easy to use because, as a completely online platform, you can join in from anywhere!


Owned and operated by successful industry experts who have learned by doing; we will share our stories and answer your concerns. This is NOT "a program" on improving your coaching skills or claims to teach you how to be a better coach.  We are different because of YOU, our members, who are provided honest shared advice, insights, and constructive feedback while learning how to make their coaching business work better, be more fun, and become the income-earner they have dreamed of. 


Our members are both new and seasoned professional coaches, independent consultants, and trusted advisors.



When you join an Ekklesia peer advisory group, you will get access to group members in a deep and connected way. Every member will be able to give and receive help from one another and benefit from the wisdom and experience of all members.

Peer Advisory Groups are limited to 8 members who have the opportunity to share in a highly confidential setting their business plans, challenges, and successes so that the group (Board of Directors) can give meaningful and specific advice while helping you shape your best course of action towards the business of your desires.


At the end of every meeting, you will walk away with an action plan, a commitment to new/different set of behaviors that will ensure success along with an accountability plan and partners who will help you hold attention to what is crucial for you to take action.


While being a part of your group, you will help yourself by helping fellow members be more successful and profitable because you are stronger together than apart.

Join us – become a member – seize the moment.

Why join Ekklesia - For Coaches By Coaches

For the reasons above and desperately wanting to get out of the rut of...

...not making a stable income from the profession you absolutely love.

...working more in your business rather than on your business, i.e., being the Chief Employee vs. CEO of your business.

...investing a great amount of your money & time in another coaching training program improving your coaching skills rather than improving your business acumen.

...running your practice like a "side hustle" or hobby and experiencing side hustle/hobby results rather than running your practice as a business.  

(BTW, side hustles and hobbies are okay if that's what you intend from your practice)

Ekklesia is the Greek word for community, assembly, and movement. 

Our mission is to help successful business/life coaches, consultants and trusted advisors become MORE SUCCESSFUL.

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Welcome to Ekklesia - For Coaches By Coaches
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Welcome to Ekklesia

For Coaches By Coaches

Ways We Assist Coaches, Consultants & Trusted Advisors


Comes With a Warning!

"Knowledge, insight, and inspiration are useless if it is not applied.

Application with the right consistent behaviors that breed success is key." 

                                                                                                          - Perry

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