Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Can I make money or earn a living as a coach?

Yes, you can!  However, there’s a difference between being a good coach and operating a profitable business. If we may brutally honest (and we always will be), we coaches (not all of us) are excellent and highly skilled at our craft of coaching and poor at running our practice as a business. Ekklesia is in the business of coming alongside coaches who want to develop the disciplines and consistent behaviors that leads to running a profitable coaching business.  In other words, we want to work with coaches whose behaviors, actions, and results reflect “loving the business side as much as the coaching side of their practice.”



 02  How often does the group meet?

Group members meet once a month.  The members during the final formation of the group will decide if they meet half or an entire day.  Consider this time with your fellow members as "sacred time" dedicated to working on your business rather than in your business." 




 03  How is this group different from ones I've come across or experienced?

I don't know about the group you've experienced, however, Ekklesia - For Coaches By Coaches is a community and movement with a focus on helping coaches and those in the trusted advisor industry operate their practice more like a business rather than a hobby.


Community groups are mastermind (peer advisory) groups that include shared advice and guidance, action planning with accountability, business collaborations and referrals, coaching, consulting, and business development training. In essence, we've incorporated the best from individual professional groups/associations and fused them into a single entity.


Another distinction is that we are not a business networking or referrals group.  Nor are we a coaching program that professes, "How to Scale to 6-7 Figures in 90 Days" or "10 Easy Ways to Get Clients Now" program or any other off the shelf sales package that promises such. 


Our focus and vision for the community and its members are...

  • Business and life coaches, as well as those in the trusted advisor industry collaboratively helping one another run their practice like a business with the assistance of their "peer advisory boards."

  • Coaches behaving out of a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity.

  • Serving as 21st Century servant leaders to the marketplace.




 04  Are the community groups limited to professional business or life coaches only?

Initially, Ekklesia's focus is on business/life coaches and independent consultants.  Upon request, we will consider forming groups for self-employed trusted advisors, e.g., business advisors, realtors, sales just to name a few.  




 05  Is there a membership fee?

Yes. The monthly membership fee is $279.00/month (equivalent to the average price of a 1hr business coaching session). It is expected that members after joining will commit to a 6-month agreement to meet.  Afterward, members may continue month-to-month and can resign from the group anytime with a 30-day written notice.

"Knowledge, insight, and inspiration are useless if it is not applied.

Application with the right consistent behaviors that breed success is key." 

                                                                                                          - Perry

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