The Online Peer Advisory Group

What is an Ekklesia peer advisory group?

An Ekklesia Peer Advisory Group is a safe and highly confidential environment where members can share business issues, challenges, and opportunities and receive from their “Board of Directors” shared advice, guidance, wisdom, experience, resources, connections, to help you accomplish within a group what you can’t alone or by yourself.


Every discussion will end with each member committing to personal action and accountability plan you are committing to complete before your next meeting.  Members will report their progress to the group via a 60-minute mid-month accountability checkpoint meeting held via phone/video conferencing between monthly meetings.


Ekklesia’s peer advisory group is what Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich) describes as "The Power of the Mastermind," where you are in a community where you are multiplying your brainpower by the number of advisors/directors in your group.

Who should join the peer advisory group?

Seasoned business/life coaches, newly certified/credentialed coaches, and professional trusted advisors who are serious about developing their coaching business through a community of coaching peers' shared advice, experiences, resources, best practices, business collaborations, and a method of accountability.


Ekklesia is about building community through relationships.  We believe business collaborations, strategic alliances, and referrals will naturally happen among members as a result of their active participation within the group.  Therefore, members are encouraged to engage one another at this level, however, they must agree to and honor the group's Non-Disclosure and Non-Solicitation Agreement & Policy.

Why the peer advisory group exists.

Many coaches work more IN their business than on their business, i.e., they’re the Chief Employee vs. the CEO of their business.  Group members meet once a month via Zoom for up to 3 to 4 hours.  Consider this "sacred time" where you are working ON your business rather than in your business.


Unlike the traditional Mastermind or Peer Advisory Groups "Hot Seat," as an Ekklesia group member, you will have your turn in the "Accelerator Seat" and receive the shared advice, guidance, best practices, and resources that will help you "accelerate" the behaviors and actions that will help you realize the business of your dreams.


Every meeting ends with members sharing in a confidential setting their action plan to address their business challenge/opportunity, a list of consistent behaviors that will breed success, and their method of accountability towards their plan of execution.

What you can expect during your peer advisory group meeting.


The role of the peer advisory group facilitator is three-fold:

  1. Create a safe and confidential environment where all members have the opportunity to explore new ideas as well as receive and give advice, guidance, and accountability.

  2. Act as timekeeper by moving the entire Board of Advisors successfully through the meeting agenda.

  3. Ensure all members commit to action items/plans mentioned during the meeting.


The role of the group member is also three-fold:

  1. Limit any and all distractions by being fully present and “in the moment.”  This is a “sacred time” for you to work on your business and more importantly. 

  2. 100% engagement.  Fully participate, be fully engaged, and fully share ideas and meaningful advice.  For the purpose of time and the opportunity for all members to participate, please know that the facilitator will ask you to be concise in your sharing.

  3. Leave the meeting with a new awareness, learnings, action plans, and a method of accountability toward your plan of execution.

What you need to know about the peer advisory group.

This is a subscription service, and the membership fee is $349 per month to participate in the online community group. There are no contracts, however, there is an initial 6-month commitment to the group, and afterward, you can end your subscription at any time with a 30-day written notice to terminate membership.


Membership is subject to application approval.