What We Offer

Ekklesia For Coaches By Coaches is a coaching resource and "tool" coaching business development courses, online peer advisory groups, business collaborations, and referrals, coaching, consulting, all fused into one single entity with the mission to help successful business and life coaches like you become MORE SUCCESSFUL.


Rising Awareness Connection Groups
Dive deep into the tools and resources you need to help with social and cultural issues


A journey and a small group of coaches that will craft and create a movement that will leave apathy and racial issues behind us. To equip you with the skillset and tools to effectively navigate through the "messy and uncomfortable conversations", around racism and social issues of the past, present, and future.

Our groups will bring coaches together in small groups, conversations, and resources to create positive interactions. The tools and information that will be provided will help you on your journey. To help you communicate better and help your clients bring about positive change. Coaches can have a beautiful influence on the world. Together we can push the boundaries of what can happen through, planning, actions, behaviors, and accountability.

Coaching Business Development Course
Your First Step & Starting Point to Running a Profitable Coaching Business


Our coaching business development course is also perfect for the coach or consultant looking for a course with a heavy focus on new/different actions, behaviors, and a method of accountability that leads to practical results rather than theory. All of this is backed up with real-world examples and practice. You will come away with a real skill set that will help you run a business. Our courses are not designed as "feel good, warm and fuzzy" sessions. We want you to come away with a realistic view of what it will take to run a successful agency.  Or, in other words, we're going to teach you things about running a successful coaching business you didn't receive from your training programs and what many coaches don't talk about publicly.

We created our training where you'll be able to run your business and know what to do without spending extra money on risky offerings. We want to position you to run a great practice and build profit. Our courses will show you a practical vs. theoretical path towards success that will allow you to spend 30% of your time working on your business and 70% of the time servicing your client base. When you know the specific real-world actions and behaviors that lead to more success, it makes it very easy for you to return to what you're most passionate about, i.e., helping others with your skills and expertise.

Online Peer Advisory Groups

 Your Second or Tandem Step with Business Development to Running a Profitable Coaching Business

An Ekklesia Peer Advisory Group meeting is where members in a safe and highly confidential environment can share business issues, challenges, and opportunities that their “Board of Directors” can advise/assist with. Every discussion will end with each member committing to personal action and accountability plan they are committed to complete before their next meeting.

Between monthly meetings, members will report their progress to the group via a 60-minute mid-month accountability checkpoint meeting held via phone/video conferencing.

Ekklesia is about building community through relationships.  We believe business collaborations, strategic alliances, and referrals will naturally happen among members as a result of their active participation within the group.  Therefore, members are encouraged to engage one another at this level, however, they must agree to and honor the group's Non-Solicitation Agreement & Policy.

All members will sign and honor a Non-Disclosure & Non-Solicitation Agreement.

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ICF ACC/PCC Credentialing Mentor-Coaching


You will be embarking on this coaching engagement to:

  • Complete ten (10) hours of mentor coaching over a minimum of five months.

  • Shift your inner perceptions about yourself, create new awareness, and achieve the coaching competency skills and mastery results you desire.

  • Receive mentor-coaching and feed-forward to help you demonstrate mastery of the ICF Core Competencies at the ACC and/or PCC level.

  • Create, develop, and execute the necessary action steps that will solidify your path towards the goal of becoming an ICF Credentialed Coach.

  • Experience a safe, confidential place to work through issues, concerns, and receive immediate feed-forward.

Coaching Supervision


“Coaching Supervision is a collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and clients.  Coaching Supervision creates a safe environment for the coach to share their successes and failures in becoming masterful in the way they work with their clients.” - International Coaching Federation


Six (6) hours of supervision-coaching over a minimum of three months.  Topics that may be considered during the engagement may include but not limited to:

  • Coach’s real-time experiences and/or challenges.

  • Working through places the coach may need help navigating through coaching sessions, engagements, or coach-client relationships.

  • Improving/enhancing coach’s intake sessions, coaching agreements, tools, and resources.

  • Improving the application of the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies.

  • Experience a safe, confidential place to work through issues, concerns, and receive immediate feed-forward.