The Coaching Business Development Course

What is in this coaching course?

Running your business should never be chaos.

This course contains three sections that will cover Business Planning, Marketing Plan, and Sales Process to help you reach your goals. This course explicitly helps coaches, consultants, and trusted advisors struggling to get started or have a profitable practice. This coaching course will help you build a business plan, generate a marketing plan, marketing content, and give you the confidence and skills to sell your coaching services. You will learn how to organize your business.

Who should take the coaching course?

If you're a new coaching business or already established, we have something for you.

This course is perfect for a trusted advisor or coach that is in the first two years of practice and needs a road map as to what to do to be profitable. The course is also well suited to a coach or consultant that has a great skill set and struggles with working through the more complex areas of running a business. Many times we run into coaches and consultants who have spent time and money on leads, training, marketing, or connections that went nowhere and offered no support.

This course is also perfect for a coach, consultant, or trusted advisor that is looking for a practical course. We deal with very little theory and focus on actions and behaviors. All of this is backed up with real-world examples and practice. You will come away with a real skill set that will help you run a business. This course is not set up for you to feel good or have a warm fuzzy feeling. We want you to come away with a realistic view of what it is going to take to run a successful agency.

Why the Coaching Business Development Course exists?

Helping you cut through the noise and get back to what you love.

We created this course so you could run a business and know what to do without spending extra money on risky offerings. We wanted to put you in the position to run a great agency and build profit. This course will show you a path to success that will allow you to spend 30% of your time working on the business and 70% of the time servicing your client base. When you know the specific real-world actions and behaviors to do, it makes it very easy to get back to helping others with your skills and expertise.

Coaching course details

The course was developed by coaches and consultants that have run very successful agencies over the last several years. We understand that having a business plan, a marketing plan, and a sales process will allow you to reach your goals. We know that having a road map and simple solutions to these three areas of running your business will free you up to get back to what you love, helping others with your area of expertise. 

coaching course.jpeg
  • 20 + video lessons that are video-based

  • Several bonus videos

  • More than 10 hours of video

  • Take the course online and at your own pace

  • Each lesson has action steps and worksheets

  • Six lessons on building an effective business plan

  • Six lessons on creating a marketing plan

  • Six lessons on sales process and training

  • Support of live events each week a private group

  • Group support includes recorded live events and Q&A topics

  • The group is private and only clients that have taken the course are in the group

  • Once you have paid for the course, the group is available to you

  • All course videos are available in this private group

What you need to know about the coaching course.

Learn step by step how to build a coaching business. We will help guide you through everything you need to know to make the right decisions for your coaching business. We will discuss many topics, behaviors, actions, and ultimately how you make a profit.


All of the main videos for this course are on Facebook in a private group. I have set up the course this way to deliver answers to questions and post live videos to the group. If you are not on Facebook, you will need to have an account to join. 

This is a subscription service, and the fee is $200 each month for access to the Facebook Group. You can take the course at your own pace and end your subscription at any time. There are no contracts. Each month I will be adding a new set of videos to the course, and over the next 12 months, I will be adding a new set of videos that will help you grow your business. Each time these topics will be under one of the main themes of Business, Marketing, or Sales. In the end, this course will have three modules with four sets of videos under each. Each of the video sets will be 7-8, 20-30 min videos that provide advice and practical information.